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About Me
JustJaneXXX.com explores female sexuality and sex appeal. Director, Kayla Jane Danger has always been in love with the trappings of womanhood, lingerie, hosiery, high heels, corsets, and the transformation that comes with putting these things on. The ladies of JustJanexxx.com are some of the most beautiful in the world here to dress up, then strip down to show off their bodies and love of women! This site is erotic, sensual, raw and full of fantasy ... From the mind of a woman, comes JustJaneXXX.com

Message from Director Kayla Jane Danger
I love directing women, but more than directing them, I like giving them an outlet for what is already inside of them, that natural beauty and raw sex drive. I aim to showcase these sexy ladies, to make all of my performer's feel and look their best and I give them an opportunity to pick their biggest crushes to play with to get the best scenes possible. My favorite part about JustJanexxx.com is that I have a place to put out episodic stories that I couldn't confine into a single feature. I can also explore ideas in vignette form without worrying about creating a whole DVD around it. This will definitely take my websites to the next level since this is my first hardcore website, (I will only be making cameo appearances)